MIPA Committees

Investigation and Disciplinary Committee

In the view of promoting and maintaining the highest standards in the accountancy profession in Mauritius, an Investigation and Disciplinary (I&D) Committee was established by MIPA. The I&D Committee includes three sub-committees: Investigation, Disciplinary and Appeal committees and the I&D regulations were based on IFAC’s best practices. The committee is endorsed by members and stakeholders alike with the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance highlighting that trust is at the root of Mauritius’ economic and social development.

Download I&D Regulations

Professional Education Committee

The Professional Education Committee is an independent committee which supports MIPA in achieving its objectives of promoting high professional conduct and quality of services in the accountancy profession in Mauritius by being MIPA’s strategic body for education. The committee helps to identify professional practice gaps in the field; assist in the continuous professional development of accountants in Mauritius; assess the appropriateness of professional certifications for admissibility to MIPA Membership; and establish the procedures and criteria for issue of public practice licence.

Small and Medium Practices Committee

Small and Medium Practices (SMPs) are a major player in the accountancy profession in Mauritius; they are known to employ a large portion of Professional Accountants. As a strategic advisory body of Professional Accountants, the SMP Committee supports MIPA in its objective of high professional standards in the accountancy profession.

According to the latest available statistics, SMPs account for around 99% of all establishments operating in different sectors of the Mauritian economy. Professional Accountants are often their preferred source of advice. The SMP Committee aims at assisting in the implementation of the strategies and policies of MIPA in relation to small and medium sized practices and businesses.

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