MIPA Board

MIPA is self-monitored by the profession in a transparent manner through its Board which consists of members of the professional accountancy bodies specified in the Act and elected by the general assembly. In accordance with section 47 of the Act, the current Board for 2022/23 was constituted on Wednesday 21st September 2022 and the current office bearers are:




Mr. Mohammad Sallah-Ud-Din Surfraz (Den)

1st Vice - Chairperson


Mrs. Valerie Carolle Wong Choi Wah

2nd Vice-Chairperson


Mr. Piang Cheong Chin Koon Siw (Nick)



Mr. Mohammud Umar Quayyam Annowar



Mr. Dwarka Soochit

Board Member


Mr. Krishnanand Jeewon






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