About MIPA

The MAURITIUS INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS (MIPA) was founded in January 2005. MIPA acts as an umbrella professional body for professional and Public Accountants who are members of Professional Accountancy Institutes and Associations specified in or contemplated by the Financial Reporting Act 2004 (The Act).


Objects of MIPA

The objects of MIPA as per Section 45 of the Act are to supervise and regulate the accountancy profession and to promote the highest standards of professional and business conduct of, and enhance the quality of services, offered by Professional and Public Accountants in Mauritius.


Functions of MIPA

MIPA is the regulatory body of the Accounting Profession in Mauritius. Its functions are, amongst others, to:

  1. Lay down its bye-laws, including those relating to membership rules.
  2. Establish, publish and review a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Professional Accountants consistent with the IFAC’s Code of Ethics. MIPA has adopted IFAC’s Code of Ethics in its entity.
  3. Maintain registers of Professional Accountants, Public Accountants, Member Firms, etc.
  4. Conduct, or arrange for the conduct of, such examinations as it thinks necessary for the purposes of registering Professional Accountants.
  5. Devise, enforce and monitor compliance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standards.
  6. Inquire into any written complaints and to institute disciplinary actions as required.

MIPA aims to become a strong accounting body. At MIPA we believe that a strong accountancy body is an asset to the business community and to society.


What MIPA Does?

MIPA has more than 3,300 registered Professional Accountants. Our members have all achieved the internationally recognised and respected accounting qualifications. MIPA is an educator, regulator and through its various committees, MIPA is expected to contribute to enhance the level of services of its members.

MIPA supports its members with technical advice, regulation and compliance support, accounting and financial news, a free and comprehensive Information service, member offers and discounts and organising events. Members can share information and contributes through MIPA’s online community.



To be an internationally recognised professional accountancy body serving its members and the profession and protecting the interest of the wider community



  • To develop and maintain the competence of professional accountants
  • To promote high quality reporting and auditing in Mauritius
  • To safeguard public interest by upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct among its members



  • Integrity
  • To be truthful and ethical in our behaviour.
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • To operate in openness and be responsible in all what we do.
  • Excellence
  • To strive for the highest level of standard and execute tasks to the level of competence that is expected



At MIPA we endeavour to provide membership administrative services in the most efficient and effective manner. We will ensure that applications for new registrations and renewals are processed within a maximum of 4 weeks subject to all required information having been provided. We undertake to keep you informed for any undue delays.

We aim at keeping all members records up to date. For this we require your help to advise us on a timely basis on any changes in your status.



MIPA has its members’ interests at heart in its dealing with other regulators and similar bodies. We will keep track of new laws and regulations to promote a sound and fair regulatory environment in the best interest of the public.



We shall treat all complaints received in respect of our members with utmost confidentiality, objectivity and professionalism. We are responsible for the safeguarding of the ethical conduct of our members and accordingly will take the appropriate courses of action in line with IFAC requirements and guidelines.



One of the key objectives of MIPA is to uphold the highest standards among its members. We believe that continuous education and knowledge dissemination are essential elements to achieve this objective. MIPA endeavours to organise training and education events to keep our members up to date with latest developments in the profession.

At MIPA we also aim to provide the ideal forum for knowledge sharing and discussions among our members through our knowledge sharing portal.



Where possible MIPA will facilitate and assist our members in meeting the various requirements and obligations of the profession. We will consider any specific need of our members and aim to assist in our best capacity. We shall respond to members’ queries within reasonable timeframe. In order to ensure a satisfactory service to our members, MIPA has developed a complaints mechanism whereby its members can report incidents directly to the board for further actions.

MIPA encourages its members to fully participate in its progress and development. In this context members will be given the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedbacks for consideration by the board.



MIPA recognises that the Board and management are accountable to its members to provide a high level of service. In order to make our services charter meaningful, we undertake to measure management’s performance against the objectives set and report to you on the achievement of our objectives.

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